Welcome to everything Walnut Wednesday!

This is your reminder to be brave, be yourself and know that YOU can make the world a better place, just by what you decide, today.

I’m Lara, but you can call me Lazz. I am a 5/1 Generator with Sacral authority, Sagittarius and no idea what my moons are!

I have decided that I am a Self Leader, Healer and  a podcast host. 

Walnut Wednesday spawned from my growing confidence inside a ten day Facebook Live challenge in September 2019. I made a comment during the ten days that my confidence was “the size of a peanut” and by the end, would be “the size of a walnut”. 

During the lives I noticed how much is un-spoken in daily life and it reminded me of the idea of how surface everything can be. I questioned how often I have proper conversations and when I actively listen. I also noticed how much I bad talked myself and in support, the word “peanut” was be thrown around in the office when I made doubtful and negative self degrading comments. In contrast, “walnut” was a term returned in praise, when I would say something nice about myself (not quite as often as the self degrading).

Not long after that, as I was sitting outside, no makeup on and quite possibly no pants, listening to the birds. I saw a bucket of Walnuts ready to be dried out (we have a walnut tree) and had the inspired thought of a cool photo idea having the walnut infront of my eye. The picture did look cool if I don’t say so myself and I knew that it would be for something, it just hadn’t come to fruition just as yet.

Then as quick as I can eat a bag of Cheezles, the idea dropped that I was going to start a podcast. With no idea how or where to start, I did what any investigator would do and turned to YouTube to find the easiest, non-tech-savy way to do so. Again, just having it there but it not being ripe and ready just yet.

I set off on a trip days later, the Trans Siberian Railway from Russia, through Mongolia and ending in China. It was here that I, on a Wednesday, started updating my Facebook and Instagram story with vulnerable details – now known as Walnuttings – that I thought were important to start sharing.

On November 6th 2019 the first ever episode “Origins of Walnut Wednesday” was aired and I’ve been walnutting ever since.

Welcome to my journey and welcome to The Walnut Tree.

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