Lazz on finding Lara

My story. How did I get here? Where am I now? I guess a good start is to begin with the statement that I have always known that I felt and am different, and I have always felt an amicable sense of separation from people around me. For example, I grew up the only Sagittarius [...]

Lazz on Listening

More cathartic rambles... I was discussing with a friend of mine, the idea that I know I need to let go, but that I dont feel ready. He had moved away from home to another country, so I asked him how he dealt with it while being so far away. He explained how he uses [...]

Lazz on Loss

It is interesting when you are an outsider on looking a body that is fighting to survive, like a well built machine. At present I have watched two admirable people's souls leave their body and watch the mechanics of the nervous system shutting down. Can they see me? Can they hear me? or can they [...]