Distance Reiki Healings

A distance Reiki healing means Lara will treat you in your own home, from hers. Reiki is best practice in a peaceful setting so it’s best if you can create a quiet relaxing space and make your self comfortable. Using her gifts and with the assistance of powerful crystals the energy healing will take place.

Distance Reiki Healing

Book your time to receive the consultation form and link for payment. Simply find an intentional place at the allocated time and Relax – I will do the rest.

30 min

1 Intuitive card pull



(Universal/Spiritual – Rei – Force/Ki – Energy): 

 A natural system of energy healing. 

Reiki treatment can help to ease tension, induce a deep relaxed state, concentrate the mind and bring about a sense of whole-being and wellness. 

It is a beautiful tool for managing stress levels connected with day-to-day living and can offer us the expansiveness we often seek, allowing us to embrace our lives with greater clarity.


(sanskrit word for wheel):

Spinning energy centres. 

They are openings for ‘life energy’ to flow in/out of your aura.

We have seven main Chakra energy centers which each have their own name, colour and purpose. You can view chakras as an energy pattern of beautiful colours, circling each of your energy centres.


I had the privilege of having a Distance Reiki Healing session with Lara recently.

I was looking to find and insight into what was happening within me that was unable to pull out myself. She made it incredibly relaxing and made me feel instantly relaxed. The feedback I got from her was fantastic and tied in well with where life is at the moment.

Would highly recommend and will look into doing it again in the future.

Lorien, Upper Hutt

I feel so blessed to have had a Reiki Healing done with Lara. She touched base before our session which made me feel really valued and like an active participant in the healing.

Initially I found it hard to settle into the session at home on my bed, but soon after I felt Such a warm and calming presence which allowed me to take the deepest breath I’d take in weeks. I have no doubt this was Lara’s gifts working their magic. Following the session I was deeply relaxed and felt like m heart was no longer wildly racing as it had been. Lara’s energy was calm, loving and she provided a safe environment for me to dive deep into my inner world.

Stana, Porirua

I had a distance haling with Lara a while ago and would 100% recommend to anyone who’s thinking of getting one.

This was only my second one I’ve ever had and it was really good. Felt a massive release of energy almost instantly and then after just felt very clear, got a little reading and a card pulled as well which was all so accurate and relevant.

Well done Lara, I’ll be back for another x

Briar, Levin

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