Walnut Wednesday the book

Within the pages of my book you will find real-life accounts and moments in my life.

My trials, my learnings and my special moments.

What you’re about to read is a snippet into the life of someone who thought that they were here to just be for someone else, everyone else, anyone else; who would never really be a lighthouse but wished and deep down and somehow knew that they could make an impact.

What you will learn from this book, Walnut, it is that, if a little small-town girl can take a simple picture with a Walnut in-front of her face and in doing so, shed so many internal, personal ideas of who she thought she needed to be; then you can move mountains if that is what you desire.

You can change your own world, just by walnutting, deciding to be brave, even as little as once a week.


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I have witnessed my own personal evolution from 
Peanut Girl to Walnut Woman.