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#177 The Doormat Mentality with Kate Bromley Walnut Wednesday

This week you're a fly on the wall to Kate and I talking about the expectations we put on both ourself and of others when we feel like we "do the most". We noticed patterns in examples where we have not left any space for ourselves how it links to so many other topics we discuss like people pleasing and boundaries. Kate gives us two types of mentalities to be aware of: The Doormat Mentality versus The Safety Net Mentality. Check out 'Where the Tracks Lead' concept film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4aI21JKhZw  Follow Kate on Instagram @misskbromley and myself @walnutwednesday (make sure you tag us on your socials) To join my group, buy my book, watch the podcast on YouTube and connect with me further visit http://www.walnutwednesday.com/link-in-bio
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