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#152 Bully Demon and Others Walnut Wednesday

DISCLAIMER: this episode is on the esoteric "woowoo" side, so no hard feelings if you don't resonate and want to skip this week. Since I've been sick, while my body is distracted fighting for it's immunity, I've noticed Bully Demon pop back in with some intrusive thoughts. It's made me want to discuss darker entities, that I believe in, regarding having the harmony between light and dark. I genuinely believe a park of my mission is to speak to/battle with shadow in some way, so I suppose this episode is a piece of me tralling using my voice towards this. Connect with me further at http://www.walnutwednesday.com/link-in-bio FB Group: The Walnut Tree IG: @walnutwednesday Book: Walnut Wednesday the book
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Hi Walnut, I’m Lara, but you can call me Lazz.

I am a 5/1 Sacral Generator and creator of Walnut Wednesday.

I have decided that I am a Self-Leader, Healer, a podcast host and newly, an Author! 

Walnut Wednesday spawned from my growing confidence from “the size of a peanut” to “the size of a walnut”. 

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