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#134 Walnutting in Training Walnut Wednesday

This episode is the audio from a live video inside The Walnut Tree on Facebook. This week I walnutted twice! I've been on a four day course and decided to be brave, firstly, by giving feedback and secondly, completing AND PRESENTING an activity on my own – INFRONT OF THE GROUP! Connect with me further at http://www.walnutwednesday.com/link-in-bio FB Group: The Walnut Tree IG: @walnutwednesday Book: Walnut Wednesday the book
  1. #134 Walnutting in Training
  2. #133 The Laughter is The Purge with Amron Bevels
  3. #132 I Asked for Help
  4. #131 I Have a Client!
  5. #130 Flipping Comparison and Judgement on Their Heads

Hi Walnut, I’m Lara, but you can call me Lazz.

I am a 5/1 Sacral Generator and creator of Walnut Wednesday.

I have decided that I am a Self-Leader, Healer, a podcast host and newly, an Author! 

Walnut Wednesday spawned from my growing confidence from “the size of a peanut” to “the size of a walnut”. 

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Welcome to my journey.